Surrey, British Columbia

Nature Happenings

• Loon chicks begin to dive for their own food.
• Gray Jays (aka Whiskey Jacks) are common at campsites where they are fearless.
• Bats begin mating in mid-August.
• American Widgeon and Surf Scoters arrive this month.
• Black-headed Grosbeaks, the earliest fall transient, depart, followed by the Bullock’s Oriole.
• Goldfinches nesting.
• Steller's Jays and squirrels fight over green hazelnuts.
• Douglas Squirrels drop fir cones to stash for winter.
• Rufous Hummingbirds depart the lowlands and begin their migration to Mexico.
• Yellow-bellied Marmots and Beldings Ground Squirrels begin their long winter hibernation.
• Flocks of Vaux’s Swifts migrate through. Watch them dive into chimneys to roost in the evening.
• Keep hummingbird feeders full. Rufous Hummingbirds will almost double their weight before migrating.
• Perseids Meteor shower is mid-month.