Surrey, British Columbia

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Photo Gallery

Anna's HummingbirdEagle Photohummingbird photo bruce & peggy thomson

Beautiful photo's submitted by Bruce and Peggy Thompson!  The first photo is a male Anna's Hummingbird and the second hummingbird photo is a female Rufous Hummingbird!


Anna's Hummingbird winter 2016Anna's HummingbirdAnna's 2016

Beautiful photo's of Anna's Hummingbirds winter 2016 at a houseboat on the Fraser River.  Thank-you so much for the photo's Iris Obsolon!






Steller's Jay at fountain

 hummingbird at feederhummingbird in fountainFinches at feeder

Beautiful photographs of birds in his backyard by Gordon Martin!  Just a sample of his incredible work - we have some high resolution photo's in the shop as well - thank you so much Gordon!









autiful Magpie in Prince George. Photo by Margaret Balduc.

Pileated Woodpeckers in Prince George



Two Pileated Woodpeckers in Prince George, BC - Photo by Margaret Bolduc


Great Blue Heron   Beautiful photo of a Great Blue Heron - thank-you Keith!



Pileated Woodpecker at Tail Prop Feeder    



 Downy Woodpecker at suet Feeder

Steller's Jay

Northern FlickerBeautiful Photos of a Downy Woodpecker, Steller's Jay and a Northern Flicker by Shaila Jeereddy




Osprey in Flight

















Beautiful Osprey in flight photograph by Tony Bolivier


Western Tanager on Fence


Colorful Western Tanager photo by Tony Bolivier



Rufous Hummingbird Nest

Beautiful photos of a Rufous Hummingbird Nest - thankyou for the photos Jessa Salkeld!


Rufous Hummingbird Nest feeding her young


Male Anna's Hummingbird at Feeder

The male Anna's Hummingbirds head appears brilliant in the sunlight!  Thank-you Jessa for this photo!


chickadee babies

Just Hatched Chickadees!  Thank-you for the photo Bruce Burley!

Chickadee at nest

Cozy in the nest!  Thank-you Bruce Burley for the photo!


Chickadee feeding from hand

Black-Capped Chickadee feeding from hand - Thank-you Ron Dick!


Barred Owl

Beautiful Barred Owl Photograph - Thank-you Randy Lott!

Northern flicker at Feeder

"Peek-a-Boo"  - Photo by Dan Pape

Bullock's Oriole

A rare sight in White Rock - a female Bullock's Oriole!  Thank-you Bruce Burley!

Bullock's Oriole

Oriole's love hummingbird feeders!

Chickadee leaving nest

This Chickadee is leaving the nest for the first time! thank-you Joyce!

Northern Flicker in Flight

Beautiful image of a Red-Shafted Northern Flicker leaving the feeder - thankyou Bruce Burley!


Steller's Jay in flight by Bruce Burley

Beautiful photo captures the Steller's Jay action in flight ! Thank-you Bruce Burley!

Downy Woodpecker at Peanut Feeder

Another great shot by Bruce Burley!


Finches by Bruce Burley

Beautiful photo of Goldfinches in flight - thank-you Bruce Burley!

Northern flicker at Feeder

Northern Flicker at Feeder by Bruce Burley

Cooper's Hawk

A Cooper's Hawk shows up in the back yard. Thanks for the photograph Bruce!


Northern flicker, Steller's Jay, Varied thrush

Three very colorful species all in one picture - thank-you Don Hunt!


Snowy Owl

This magestic Snowy Owl was sighted in the Newton area of Surrey on Dec 20, 2011.  Thank-you Judy Williamson!


Northern Pygmy Owl

Northern Pygmy Owl in the snow in Prince George - thank-you Margaret Balduc!


Blue Jay in Langley, BC

Rare Blue Jay sighted in Langley, BC - thank-you Rocky!



This Towhee appears to be posing for us!  Thank-you Ken!

Downy Woodpecker on Peanut Feeder

Downy Woodpecker at Peanut/Suet Feeder - thankyou Greg Tait!

Bushtits at suet feeder

Sweet little bushtits!


Pileated Woodpecker at Apple Tree

Beautiful photo of a Pileated Woodpecker enjoying Apples on a fine summer day!  Thank-you Doreen!


Yellow Warbler Photo by Tina Sherwood

Yellow Warbler Photo - Thank-you Tina Sherwood!


Loon on Nest Photo by Tina Sherwood

Incredible Loon photo by Tina Sherwood

Rufous Hummingbird Photo by Tina Sherwood

Beautiful photos of Rufous Hummingbird by Tina Sherwood

Hummingbird in hand by Tina Sherwood


Tina Sherwood rescued this young hummingbird after it had injured itself

Stanley Park Rookery Photos

Beautiful Heron photos taken at Stanley Park Rookery on Beach Ave.  Thank you Ron Mahy!

Stanley Park Rookery Photos


Stanley Park Rookery Photos of nesting Heron


Heron Nesting at Stanley Park Rookery



Eagle at Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Beautiful photo's by Ron Mahy taken at Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Owl at Reifel Bird Sanctuary


Owl at Reifel Bird Sanctuary

Thank-you Ron!

Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl - thank-you Rocky!

Barred Owl

and Barred Owl too!


Pileated Woodpecker at log feeder eating Bark Butter

Beautiful Pileated Woodpecker eating bark butter from log feeder! Thank-you Sue & Bill from Nanaimo!


rufous hummingbird in nest

Amazing photo of Rufous Hummingbird sitting in her tiny nest!  Thank-you Helen Samson!


European Collared Dove

European Collared Doves at Brian Blade's backyard bird feeders!  Thank-you Brian for the photo's!

European Collared Doves


Fluffy Stellar's Jay

This Jay looks like he has just left the bird bath!  Thanks Tina Sherwood!


Happy Squirrel at the cabin

A posing Squirrel!


Eastern Kingbird with Dragonfly

Eastern Kingbird with Dragonfly Snack! Thank you Jaana from Ontario!


Rescued Baby Bushtits

These Baby Bushtits were rescued by a former WBU Employee, Rose Wilson.  Thanks to her knowledge, they are safe in the caring hands of Wildlife Rescue!


Clarke's Nutcracker

This beautiful photo of a Clarke's Nutcracker taken by Tina Sherwood at her cabin!

Rufous Hummingbird on Finger

Fiesty little Rufos Hummingbird using a finger as a perch!  Thanks again Tina!



Chickadee at Bird House

Chickadee checking out a new home! -  Thank-you Tina Sherwood!

Chickadee at Bird House


Squirrel in Bird Feeder

This squirrel is making the most of a squirrel proof situation! Thanks again Tina!

Female Hooded Merganser

Photos by Colin in Richmond!


Northern ShovelersMale Hooded Merganser

Great Photo's Colin!

Northern Shovelers



Barred Owl at Bird Feeders


 This Barred Owl is not visiting for Bird Seed! Thank-you Steve Sache!


Red Tail Hawk

 Hawk Photo  - Thank you Garrit!

Peacock Close Up


Peacock photo


Anna's Hummingbird December 14/09

Female Anna's Hummingbird at South Surrey Feeder December 14/09

Anna's Hummingbird December 14/09


Warbler Photos


Beautiful Warbler Photos!

Warbler Photos





Female Downy Woodpecker

Beautiful Downy Woodpecker close up.  Thank-you Mary Louise Wright!



 Evening Grosbeaks at South Surrey Bird Feeder


Evening Grosbeaks visit a South Surrey Bird Feeder


Evening Grosbeaks at South Surrey Bird Feeder


Male Evening Grosbeak looks to visit the feeder!


Western Grebe in Septemer

Beautiful Photo of Western Grebe in September.  Thank you Tina Sherwood!


Squirrel in Bird Feeder 

This Squirrel is making himself right at home!


Rufous Hummingbird in Flight


Rufous Hummingbird in Flight in Princeton, BC


hummingbird on fence

Hummingbird in Princeton, BC - thank-you Tina Sherwood!


Osprey in Princeton

Osprey in Princeton

hummingbird on finger


Amazing Hummingbird on finger !


 Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker at Tail Prop Feeder



Northern Flicker at Bird Bath

Northern Flicker enjoying a bath!


American Goldfinch Male

American Goldfinch enjoying misting water


goldfinches at finch feeder

Beautiful  Goldfinches at Finch Feeder!


Junco July 2009


This Junco is guarding it's nest below in the Ivy!  Thank-you Bonnie!


 Turkey Vulture in Aldergrove


Hiding in the Trees!  Photo of A Turkey Vulture in Aldergrove


Hungry Rufous Hummingbird


Rufous Hummingbird approaching WBU Feeder, thanks Tim King!



Hummingbird in a late Spring snow 

Hummingbird in a late spring snow! Thanks Margaret Bolduc!


Fluffed up Rufous in the snow


Western Tanager in snow


Western Tanagers in the same late spring snow!


Western Tanagers eating Oranges in snow



Golden Crowned Sparrow


 Golden Crowned Sparrow


 Great Blue Heron by Tim King

This photo captures the grace of the Great Blue Heron.   Thank-you Tim King!


hummingbird photo



Amazing Rufous Hummingbird Photos by Greg Raymond!



 Rufous Hummingbird at Feeder


 Rufous Hummingbird in Flight




 shorebirds in Mexico


Gulls in Mexico


Stellar's Jay at Peanut Wreath Feeder


This Jay will get that last peanut ....


Stellar's Jay at Peanut Feeder

What a determined Jay!  Thank-you Greg!


 Spotted Towhee

 Spotted Towhee enjoys the Christmas Season!


Heated Hummingbird Feeder in Winter


One great way to keep the hummingbird nectar from freezing on this cold winter day in South Surrey!


Barred Owl


Barred Owl



Pileated Woodpecker in Nest

Is this not an amazing photo of Pileated Woodpecker Fledglings!

(Thank-you Colin!)


Pileated Woodpecker Family




 Osprey Nest on Bridge

Osprey Nest - A perfect Location!


Osprey in Nest


A Closer Look!



 Goldeneye Nest


Goldeneye Family nest about 35 feet high in tree.  Colin watched as the ducklings left the nest, dropping to the ground and were led to nearby Green Lake...

Goldeneye Fledglings










Mystery Bird

 Marsh Wren





cedar waxwing with berries


Beautiful Cedar Waxwing !



 Downy Woodpecker in South Surrey

Downy Woodpecker by Elizabeth Scott


 Barred Owl in Elizabeth's back yard


 Barred Owl in Elizabeth's back yard

Amazing Barred Owl Photo!


Pileated Woodpecker in back yard

Pileated Woodpecker by Elizabeth Scott





Pileated Woodpecker on Tree

Pileated Woodpecker on aged Tree




Male Rufous Humminbird

Beautiful Male Rufous Hummingbird in May










Curious Squirrel by Lori G.



 Wren at Home



Fiesty Wren at Wren House



Goldfinch on shrub


Beautiful Goldfinch photos by Lori G.


Goldfinch on thistle weed



squirrel close up

Incredible squirrel photo's!


Squirrel mom with flowers


 Grey Jay at Manning Park


Grey Jay At Manning Park


Grey Jay



Chipmunk at Manning Park


Chipmunk at Manning Park



Chipmunk at Manning Park





Mom feeding fledgling in bird bath


Mother & Child

Hummingbird bathing in fountain


Rufous Hummingbird bathing in Fountain

Group Bath


Enjoying a family bath!


Bird Bathing in fountain


A perfect Shower!


Norther Flicker at Bird Bath


Female Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker


Northern Flicker



 Backyard Frogs

Some unusual backyard visitors!

More Backyard Frogs

Black Headed Grosbeak

Male Black-Headed Grosbeak



Stellar's Jay


Stellar's Jay


Juvenile Rufous Hummingbird


Juvenile Rufous Hummingbird


Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker


Chickadee at Seed Cylinder Feeder

Chickadee at Seed Cylinder Feeder





Downy Woodpecker at Seed Cylinder

Male Downy Woodpecker

Nuthatch at Peanut Ring Feeder

Red Breasted Nuthatch at Peanut Feeder



Downy Wodpecker at Peanut Feeder


Male Downy Woodpecker eating Peanuts in Shell!

squirrel antics

Squirrel Acrobat!


 Black Headed Grosbeak

Black Headed Grosbeak


Downy Woodpecker at WBU Feeder

Downy Woodpecker at WBU Tail Prop Feeder

vultures on the beach in Mexico



Vultures on the beach in Mexico



Great Horned Owl Fledgling


Great Horned Owl Fledgling



Marsh Wren


Marsh Wren






Chickadee with nesting material

Chickadee using hanging rope to make his home!


Chickadee with nesting material



Chickadee with nesting material


Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee In Langley



Rufous Hummingbird in early April Snowstorm


Rufous Hummingbird in Snow


 Albino Peacock





Racoons in the Back Yard





Just Hanging Out!






A very enthusiastic bather!




 This Egret posed for me on the beach in Zihuatinejo, Mexico



Roadrunner in California


One hour before leaving Palm Springs, I commented that I had not seen a Roadrunner when this agressive funny bird arrived on que for a picture!


Black Chinned HummingbirdBlack Chinned Hummingbird in Palm Springs at Wild Birds Unlimited Nectar Feeder