Surrey, British Columbia

Squirrel Proof your Backyard


On Guard Cage for Tube Feeders







Our On-Guard Cage for tube feeders offers an effective deterrent for squirrels, pigeons, blackbirds & starlings.  Songbirds feel comfortable flying in and out through the mesh; the cage becomes extra perching opportunities for the birds.










APS Hardware Squirrel Proof Set-Up




The APS Hardware Pole System offers several options to squirrel proof your feeders.  When placed correctly in the yard, you can make all your feeders squirrel proof by simply adding a baffle to your pole. 









Eliminator Bird Feeder




The Eliminator is our #1 selling Squirrel Proof Feeder.  The feeder is weight activated and when a squirrel lands on the feeder, the seed ports close and he cannot access the food.  It can be placed virtiually anywhere in your backyard and can be adjusted to either accommodate or discourage larger birds.







This caged suet feeder is completely squirrel proof and starling proof. 

The smaller woodpeckers, chickadees fly into the cage; the larger woodpeckers

have a large enough beak  & can reach through to the suet.

2 sizes available $49.99 & $59.99

Starling Proof Suet Feeder