Surrey, British Columbia

June Nature Happenings


  • June 8th - World Oceans Day - Celebrations on June 11 from 10 am-2pm at Crescent Beach & Blackie's Spit
  • June 9th - World Nature Night - Stunning South Africa presented by Marg Cuthbert-7pm  at Kwomais Point Park, Sanford Hall
  • June 10th - Marine Creatures & Eelgrass - 10 am to 1:30 pm at Kwomais Point Park, Sanford Hall
  • Burns Bog Summer Day Camps - visit for more info.
  • June is Perennial Garden Month & National Rivers Month
    • Sharp-Shinned Hawk eggs hatch and fledglings make their first flights after 23 – 27 days.
    • Purple Martin young fledge 28 – 35 days after hatching.
    • Many loons lay two eggs during the last week of June.
    • The Harlequin Ducks build nests along fast flowing streams, then incubate their eggs for 28 – 29 days.
    • Western Tanagers nest mid-month.
    • Little Brown and Hoary Bats give birth to their young.
    • Diminutive Daylilies and Bearded Iris in bloom.
    • The striking orange Columbia Lily blooms.
    • Young chickadees and Downy Woodpeckers follow their parents to suet feeders.
    • Thimbleberry ripens and packs a lot of raspberry flavor into a soft cuplike fruit.
    • The European forest plant, Wall Lettuce, blooms and releases its tiny parachutes.
    • Bird migration is finished. Birds that are here now are summer residents that nest.