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Orchard Mason Bee



The Orchard Mason Bee is a small, black solitary nesting bee and because they do not have a hive to protect, they are non-aggressive  & non-stinging.  Orchard Mason Bee
Orchard Mason Bee This small bee is one of the best pollinators for your early flowering plants & trees.  In fact, they are named "orchard" bees because of their efficient pollination of fruit trees. Orchardists place mason bee homes throughout their orchards to ensure effective pollination. Mason bees will pollinate within 200 to 300 feet of their nest.
Mason Bees lay their eggs in cavities 5/16 " diameter.  In the natural world, they would lay eggs in crevices of wood or brickwork.  Providing a house for the bees encourages a protected environment that can control predators. Orchard Mason Bee Nest
Mason Bee tubes Mason Bees are called "mason" because they will lay their eggs in the tube, pack it with food, then with sandy mud and then lay another egg until the tube is filled and sealed with sandy soil. 

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