Surrey, British Columbia

Bird Food Sale


Now Through October 31, 2017!

Custom Seed Blends
Regionally-formulated for our birds.

WBU Deluxe Blend

Designed specifically for our Classic hopper feeders. Oil sunflower, white millet, safflower, striped sunflower.

20 lb.


Regular Price  $22.99

WBU Supreme Blend, LM

Ideal for WBU Seed Tube feeders. Oil sunflower, striped sunflower, hulled sunflower, White Millet

20 lb.


Regular Price $26.99

WBU No-Mess Blend

No shells help you keep your feeding area clean and tidy. Hulled sunflower, hulled millet, shelled peanuts.

20 lb.


Reguar Price $39.99

WBU No-Mess Plus*

Added nuts attract a wide variety of birds. Hulled Sunflower, Bark Butter Bits, Peanuts & Walnuts. *Formerly called No-Mess Harvest*

20 lb.


Regular Price $46.99

WBU Finch Blend

The best blend for Finches & other Songbirds. 50% Hulled Sunflower, 50% Nyger.

20 lb.


Regular Price $44.99

WBU Choice Plus Blend

Contains the greatest variety of ingredients to attract the greatest variety of birds. Sunflower, Shelled Peanuts , suet nuggets, fruit & added calcium this blend will delight all your backyard birds!

20 lb.


Regular Price $38.99

Top Quality Bird Seeds
Popular seeds for specific feeding purposes.

WBU Premium Oil Sunflower

Attracts a wide variety of songbirds because it's packed with energy and it is easy to crack open.

20 lb.


Regular Price $24.99

Nyjer® (Thistle)

Great for feeding goldfinches and other small-billed birds in specially-designed finch feeders.

20 lb.


Regular Price $48.99

Sunflower Chips (Medium or Fine)

All the energy of sunflower without the hulls.  Our most popular blend for tidy dining.

20 lb.


Regular Price $44.99

White Millet

Ideal for feeding ground feeding birds like Juncos, sparrows & Towhees.


Hulled Millet

A no mess millet won't leave a shell and won't grow in your garden.  All 100% edible!

20 lb.



20 lb. 


Regular Price $23.99



Regular Price $34.99

Other Bird Food Favorites
Offer these foods to attract other species of birds to your yard

Tree Nutty Plus

Filled with Peanuts, Tree Nuts and sunflower to attract all your woodland birds! A favorite of Jays, Woodpecker & Chickadees

20 lb.


Regular Price $44.99

Seed & Suet Cylinders & Stackables

High Energy Cylinders or suet cylinders with seed, nuts and suet

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 Get 1 Free!


Cracked Corn

Attracts ground feeding birds, ducks and other wildlife

20 lb


Regular Price  $14.99

WBU Premium Quality Suet

Suet is a quick, high-fat energy source that attracts woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches available in cakes, tubs or cylinders!

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Bark Butter Sale!



(regular $14.99)


Bark Butter Bits Sale!


Regular Bits:  9.99 (reg 11.99)

Hot Pepper Bits:  10.99 (reg 12.99)




*Free seed storage*



Buy your seed or suet on sale and pick it up when you need it! *seed storage on 20lb bags of seed, suet & Seed Cylinders only.